PaintGlow UV Face and Body Paint


Get festival & party ready with PaintGlow ready to use UV Face & Body Paint. These bright neon face paints are ideal for creating luminescent makeup looks that are UV reactive.

Our range of colourful neon paints are bold and bright in the daylight and become more dramatic under UV lighting & black lights producing a striking UV glow.

PaintGlow have been expertly creating these paints since 2008 in their UK based factory in the Lake District. With a water based formula & cruelty free ethos these UV paints are safe to use on the face & body & easy to apply.

Simply, glide the product on with a brush / sponge or even use your fingers for an even quicker application! For a more powerful glow you can layer the product once it dries. Create electrifying & thrilling designs across your face & body instantly with these unique, easy to apply paints.

The creamy water based formula dries quickly and is smudge resistant. Meaning our UV paints won’t crack or begin flaking throughout the day. This ensures the paint is comfortable on the skin, giving you a professional finish that lasts all day and night.

Packaged in a compact 12ml tube a little of this product goes a long way! Simply pop the tube in your bag or pocket to apply more paint throughout the day for an extra glow. Perfect for festivals and party settings that require easy to use products on the go.

Available in 8 neon UV colours: Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, red, Purple & white.


Color: Yellow

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