IllmanFX Body Dirt - Powder


An extremely light-weight, sheer, silky FX powder that is formulated to create realistic effects in character makeup. The realistic colours of these ultra-fine powders create a natural look of dust, dirt and ash for special effect performances.

Red Clay, Grime, Charcoal, Filth and Muddy is available in 4oz containers. Charcoal and Embers available in 10g containers

The FX Powders have a loose consistency that can easily be applied for just the right touch to enhance a character’s makeup. Paraben-free, suitable for all skin types.

Made In Canada


Touch puff or powder brush into the powder, then gently blow or tap off any excess. Pat or sweep lightly over face or body.  You can also apply with a baby wipe and rub onto the skin for a lived-in dirt effect.


Colour: Red Clay Dirt

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