Deluxe Special Effects Makeup Kit - Limited Quantities Available

$235 $310

IllmanFX has put together the best products to make the perfect Special Effects Makeup Kit.  This present will wow any makeup artist from those starting out to those in the industry.  

Free standard shipping (Expedited Parcel - Canada Post) included for Canadian Addresses Only.

Kit Includes


Creme Palette - with 10 colours
AmazeFX - Dissolves Special Effects and Water Resistant Makeup
Liquid Blood - 4oz bottle Edible
Liquid Blood Edible - 4oz bottle
Fresh Scab - 4oz
Faux Flesh Modeling/Scar Wax - 90g
SEAL-IT -Flexible Wax Sealer with brush - 15ml
Spirit Gum with brush – 15ml
Spirit Gum Remover – 4oz Bottle
Mini No Colour Setting Powder - 10g
Mini Charcoal Body Dirt Powder - 10g
Mini Ash Body Dirt Powder - 10g
Yellow Petroleum Jelly – 2oz
Double Ended Palette Knife
Po’Man’s Sculpting Tool 3 1/3” Flat Spatula
Stainless Steel Palette
Stipple Sponge
Wedge Sponges – Non-Latex
Eye Dropper – 1ml
Makeup Bag


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