IllmanFX - Aqua Bamboo Sealer - Makeup Sealer


Aqua Bamboo Sealer is a unique spray specially formulated to seal and cover up any kind of makeup ranging from casual to heavy ones. It is 100% water-proof and is very lightweight. It keeps make-ups intact for hours and does not interfere with skin perspiration as it does not clog or block skin pores.

This sealer solution is very easy to use and dries quite easily to give a translucent matte finish. It also absorbs all excess oil and leaves your skin fresh and smooth.

Aqua Bamboo Sealer is made exclusively in Canada and can be sprayed on top of a rash or freshly sealed wound to neatly seal up the skin after which make up can still be applied.

It typically sets easily, usually in seconds. Its ability to seal virtually any kind of make-up makes it a highly rated favorite in the industry. It can even be sprayed all over the face and body and it will dry fast to leave behind a matte clear water-resistant film.

It is perfect for all HD applications as it immediately becomes invisible when dry. 

Made In Canada

Features & Benefits 

Aqua Bamboo seals any kind of makeup from street to heavier theatrical makeups. Water-proof, smudge-proof and lightweight texture keeps the makeup in place for hours even perspire heavily. Easy to use, dries with a translucent matte finish, absorbs excess oil and doesn’t clog pores.



Apply your makeup as usual, allowing your makeup to dry completely. Spray directly onto makeup about 6-8 inches away from the skin. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and broken skin.


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